Club Days

Mount Gravatt Little Athletics runs a Winter/Spring season starting in the first week of July. We compete in club days on Saturdays starting at 12:45pm in the first half of the season, and one hour later in the second half. Club days consist of a 15 minute warm up and 5 events. The events alternate per week between a mixture of 2 track/3 field events and 3 track/2 field events. In the case of wet weather, competition will normally continue unless conditions have affected the field prior to the commencement of competition. The safety of the athletes is the primary concern. We will update the front page of the website between 11:00am and 12:00pm.

Parent Participation

Little athletics is designed to bring the whole family together in a healthy outdoor sport. Children in little athletics compete in events conducted by parents. All parents are expected to contribute by helping to conduct the events for their children. Areas for parent participation are as follows:
  • Set up / pack up
  • Age marshalling
  • Start / finish line assistants
For each area you participate, you will receive points toward receiving a refund of your parent participation fund. This points system is outlined on the fee structure page.

Achievement Award Cards

One of the aims of Little Athletics is to improve the athletic performance of members and at Mt Gravatt we provide incentive for athletes to improve in the form of a series of performance levels and achievement awards. Everyone likes to win but not all are able to. All however are capable of improving and achieving a worthwhile standard. Our achievement awards, are aimed at recognising and rewarding improvers, not just winners. The Achievement Award Card handed to every competitor will record the levels in every event and is updated when a new level has been reached. When a child has competed in all events applicable to his or her age group and has attained the achievement level in at least 60% of those events, he/she will be issued with the appropriate Achievement Award Certificate, together with a McDonalds voucher. At Mt Gravatt we recognise three levels of performance:
  • GREEN – A standard that is achievable by about 95% of Little Athletes throughout Queensland
  • RED – A good standard of performance achievable by about 65% of athletes
  • BLUE – A level which only about 20% of athletes will reach and therefore a very good standard

Parent Official Accreditation

Parents run sport for children and while you do not have to be a qualified official to help out, Mount Gravatt Little Athletics encourages parents to become officials. An official runs an event which means learning the rules and allowing the coach to get on with coaching. Official qualifications can be earned to very high levels if required, but the Level 1 official level is suitable for little athletics centres. Obtaining level 1 certification is quite easy.
  • Choose an event group you are interested in such as Throws, Jumps, Race walking or Track
  • Work on this for two full centre days at an event to get a feel for it
  • Successfully complete a module and quiz online and you will earn Level 1 accreditation.